5 Ways to Support Your Local Girl Gang

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1. Shop small

Hands down, buying from local small businesses is the best way to show them your support. Most local businesses have products and events based around the season or specific holidays. Taking the extra effort to research small business offerings before making a gift purchase can be a great opportunity to support your local community. 

Some of my favorite local Detroit boutiques and shops are:

2. Be social

We’re stronger together! Showing your support on social media platforms by sharing and interacting with posts is easy and costs you nothing monetarily. 

A few easy ways to show your support are: 

  • Share Social Media Posts
  • Post a Pic and Give a Shout Out
  • Interact with Social Media Posts (Like, Comment, Save, Etc) 
  • Sign Up for Newsletters

3. refer friends and family

Word of mouth is still one of the most valuable ways a business can gain new customers. If you love a brand, chances are the people who run in your circle will love them too! 

For example, if you get a compliment on an item you’re wearing,  go the extra step of shouting out the brand in passing (Thank you so much! I got it from *insert brand name here*).

Want to give some support that gives lasting impact? Leaving a review on Google or Facebook, is another great way to refer new clients and is something that as a business owner I always appreciate! 

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4. check in on your gang

When it comes to supporting your community, sometimes the smallest actions are the biggest. This year, I’ve been working on being more intentional on checking in on my community.

Whether it’s making time to grab a cup of coffee or sending them a thinking of you gift – small actions can be impactful! When was the last time you checked in with your girls?

5. Be a Mentor

Mentoring is a great way to give back to your community! No matter what stage you’re at in your career, everyone has the potential to give back to others in their industry. 

Not sure where to start? Focus on your unique experiences and strengths! Most local communities have networking groups that can connect you with other professionals that can lead to mentoring opportunities. 

My favorite networking groups for Detroit based creative entrepreneurs and event professionals are: 

If you looked around and don’t see any current mentorship opportunities in your community, keep your eye out for informal opportunities that allow you to empower someone. Look for moments where you can share your personal experience, boost someone’s confidence or just lend a listening ear. 

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