Designing the Perfect Custom Swag Box for SOPMed Training’s Annual Offsite

When the team at SOPMed Training asked me to design a custom swag box for their annual offsite, I jumped at the chance to get creative. I wanted to include gifts that would make their employees feel special and show that the team at SOPMed Training values them.

After a few brainstorming sessions, the team and I landed on a few ideas that would perfectly combine the inspirational theme with the chosen location of Traverse City, MI. The swag items included a co-branded Carhartt beanie, inspirational notebook and pen, teamwork keychain and die cut award ribbon stickers. We also added little surprises like hand warmers and a mini fireball shot to give it an extra special touch.

Learn more about the thought process behind this customized swag box design and how you can use it as inspiration for your next corporate event or promotion. Let’s get started!

What to Include in the Swag Box for SOPMed Training

As a creative consultant in the swag and promotional world, I understand how important it is to wow your customers with a unique and memorable brand experience. That’s why, when designing the swag box for SOPMed Training, we were determined to make sure it was as special and impactful as possible.

To create an unforgettable gifting experience, we decided to add some unique twists––like die cut stickers with inspirational messages, plus all the necessary winter items that SOPMed will need for their annual offsite activities––a Carhartt beanie, hand warmers and fireball. The beanie was co-branded with the team logos to give it an extra special touch.

We wanted to ensure our client was getting their money’s worth, so we designed a cost-effective format that allowed us to include both high quality items and locally sourced products from the SOPMed Training region. In the end, we created a swag box that was effective at promoting their team goals without diminishing its quality or budget.

Design Elements to Consider for the Co-Branded Logo

When designing the co-branded logo, the team wanted to include elements that included the offsite theme and also highlighted that SOPMed Training is a Michigan based company. Sometimes simplicity is genius, so the we kept the logo design simple and straightforward.

In an effort to be inclusive of all team members, we added the two team logos to each side of the design and then added a few Michigan elements to tie in the theme. The Michigan elements included a beanie from the local brand Carhartt, adding the tagline “Made in the Mitten” and the outline of Michigan with a placed heart to represent the office location.

How to Make the Swag Box Unforgettable

When it comes to making a custom swag box unforgettable, the details matter. At Digital Cinderella, we believe the design is in the details! We put together a unique collection of promotional goodies, with our client SOPMed Training in mind.

The swag box includes items like:

  1. Personalized Gift Tags: Each box received a gift tag that had each team member name for an added touch of customization.
  2. Welcome Card: We designed a custom welcome card so the company owner was able to write custom thank you notes to each employee.
  3. Inspirational die cut stickers: To add to the fun factor and make it more memorable, we included some inspirational die-cut stickers for their team members. We chose for them some witty phrases and sayings that would fit perfectly with their team culture.

By incorporating these thoughtful elements into our custom swag box for SOPMed Training’s annual offsite, we are sure to leave an unforgettable impression on them!


With the right design team and attention to detail, a custom swag box can be more than just an ordinary gift. At Digital Cinderella, we understand the importance of creating experiences and memories that will last, and that’s exactly what we accomplished when we designed SOPMed Training’s perfect custom swag box. The co-branded beanie and inspirational award ribbon stickers got everyone in the spirit for the offsite. Plus, the addition of hand warmers and fireball made it a practical gift—one that employees could both use and cherish.

If you are dreaming up a custom swag box or promotional materials, I would love to help! You can learn more about my design services or contact me using the form below. Talk soon!

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